Fill Valve Seal

The PRO22 replacement seal is a quick fix for worn PRO45 or 400A seals. ‣ Replacement seal for all Fluidmaster fill valves, including PRO45 and 400A ‣ Easy repair extends fill valve?s life ‣ Easy to...

3-in Universal Adjustable Toilet Flapper

Tired of carrying a flapper for every 3" toilet on the market? Then get the PRO58 Universal 3" Adjustable Flapper. PRO58 adjusts to fit any 3" toilet on the market in just three easy adjustments. The...

Complete Toilet Repair Kit

When you need to replace everything in the tank, you need a PRO45K. It comes with everything you need: a PRO45 fill, the quietest fill valve on the market; a PRO57K flush valve kit with bolts and...