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Toto Drake Tank With Right Hand Trip Lever Sedona Beige

Tank with Right Hand Trip Lever in Sedona Beige

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Sale Toto Drake Tank With Right Hand Trip Lever
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  • Brand: Toto
  • Model: ST743SR#12

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  • Toto Drake Tank With Right Hand Trip Lever Bone
  • Toto Drake Tank With Right Hand Trip Lever Colonial White
  • Toto Drake Tank With Right Hand Trip Lever Cotton
  • Toto Drake Tank With Right Hand Trip Lever Ebony
  • Toto Drake Tank With Right Hand Trip Lever Sedona Beige

When it comes to Toto, being just the newest and most advanced product has never been nor needed to be the primary focus. Toto's ideas start with the people, and discovering what they need and want to help them in their daily lives. The days of things being pretty just for pretty's sake are over. When it comes to Toto you will get it all. A beautiful design, with high quality parts, inside and out, that will last longer than you ever expected. Toto is the worldwide leader in plumbing, and although they are known for their Toilets and unique washlets, Toto carries everything from sinks and faucets, to bathroom accessories and urinals with flushometers. So whether it be a replacement toilet seat, a new bath tub or a whole new, higher efficiency money saving toilet, Toto has what you need, at a reasonable price.
  • Toilet Bowl Required
  • Tank Only with Right Hand Trip Lever
  • Drake toilet
  • tank only
  • With trim and coupling components
  • Right-hand trip lever
  • For model number CST743SR
Brand Toto
Collection Drake
Color Sedona Beige
Width (in) 19.5
Height (in) 13.875
Material Vitreous China
Color/Finish Family Browns
Weight (lb) 50
Stock Status Currently Out of Stock
Configuration Tank Only
Flush Rate (GPF) 1.6
Flush Technology G-Max
Flush Type Gravity
Insulated Tank Yes
Theme Commercial
WaterSense No

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