Enhance your kitchen with improved lighting.


Enhance your kitchen with improved lighting.

Posted by Lindsay ,Apr 21st 2020
Enhance your kitchen with improved lighting.

When I was a kid, I would sleep over at my grandparent’s house, there was nothing like sitting down on their floral couch to watch a baseball game or an old western movie with my grandpa after swimming in the pool out back, then in the mornings my grandma would always make the most amazing french toast, perfectly buttery and sweet, complemented with savory salty bacon. As an adult looking back, those are some the best moments of my childhood, and as I was reminiscing about different aspects of the sleepovers, I remembered one thing my grandma would do every time; after dinner was finished and the rest of us were comfortable in the living room, before she would come sit with us she would stand in the doorway and say, “kitchen’s closed” and turn off the light. As the overhead light shut off, there was a small light over the sink that would remain on, it had a blue hue to it and was a kind of nightlight to guide your steps if you needed a glass of water in the night. I remember being glad for that light, for without it the kitchen would have felt mysterious and daunting, a contrasting difference to the warm and happy kitchen that was home to a special breakfast tradition. 

Do you have any memories like this? Little things that affected you at an early point in your life that you carry with you? I am fortunate to have wonderful grandparents who have influenced my life greatly, and there are many things that I’ve brought from my childhood into adulthood, one of which, if you couldn’t guess from my example, is a “nightlight” in the kitchen. I mentioned in the last blog how much I appreciated our updated kitchen when we bought our home, one of my favorite features being the under-cabinet lighting, to me, turning on this warm and subtle light each night to fill the otherwise dark room brings back that same sense of comfort as my grandma’s blue-hued sink light. It seems that people abandon the thought of expanding their kitchen lighting during a remodel, thinking perhaps that it’s too expensive or too complicated, or that the only way to have a beautifully-lit kitchen is to buy a home where it’s already in place. Thankfully, that’s no longer the case, for achieving beautiful lighting is incredibly simple thanks to Sensio America, a brand that focuses on innovative lighting design solutions. Sensio America has created a range of super useful and insightful products for your kitchen or bathroom, all made from the highest quality materials, and all available right here at Bath1. Whether you want to add under-cabinet lighting, lighting above your cabinets to highlight your greenery and décor, or at the base of your cabinets as an illuminating walk-way, you can find the materials you need right here.

We carry a variety of lighting options, suitable for any surface, and all available in either a warm white or a cool white hue to help distinguish your space and create your desired effect.
Here are a few stand-out options :

  • Puck Lights are perfect for controlled spot lighting over a certain area, whether it is for a busy food prep station, workshop task lighting, or to highlight a cool design element. They can be installed directly onto your surface or they can be recessed, and they are available in either cool white or warm white. Ensuring to work seamlessly within your home, Sensio America’s puck lights offer a strong light exactly where you need it.
  • Flexible Strip Lights are the ultimate task lighting solution. Providing a continuous run of unbroken lighting across an entire area, they can also be linked together for a longer run or cut to length to fit any space. The flexible strip lighting is truly a game changer, on one side there are powerful LED lights, and on the other is self-adhesive 3M tape, perfect for any surface. Whether you want to install lighting within your cabinets, under or above your cabinets, along a curved wall, within a drawer, wherever you can think of adding a light- with the flexible strip lighting you can!
  • Rigid Strip Lighting is another fantastic option, if you still want the continuous run of lighting, but in a sturdier application, this rigid strip lighting is perfect. They can be linked together for up to 17 feet of uninterrupted lighting. Each light strip comes with the mounting clips and hardware for installation and can be used with a range of Sensio switches and dimmers.
  • The SensioPod Pop Up Power and Charging Station is a super cool and very practical charging solution. This charging station retracts neatly into your surface and has a comfortable handle that allows the pod to be easily pulled up for use. This pod gives access to 3 power outlets and 2 USB outlets. This charging station is highly adaptable and perfect for your desk, work surface, kitchen counter or island, even around your sink. It features a built-in water channel that is capable to withstand splashes, as it filters the water away. With a quick release catch to guarantee a secure close and a straightforward installation, visible plugs and cords will no longer be an eye sore as the SensioPod can be fully retracted while your products remain plugged in.

Sensio America has a variety of innovative and ingenious products, all capable of elevating your space and adding comfort to your home. There is no time like the present to stop wishing for a magazine-worthy house and start creating your dream home within your current space. Sensio America has created the beautiful products and we at Bath1 are proud to offer them at an affordable price. We encourage you to invest in your home and see the difference that improved lighting can offer! Please refer to our helpful product guides below to decide which products are right for you.



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