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Happy Memorial Day from Bath1


Happy Memorial Day from Bath1

Posted by Lindsay ,May 22nd 2020
Happy Memorial Day from Bath1

Does anyone else feel like this year has flown by so far? I cannot wrap my mind around the fact that we are nearing June already. True, 2020 has been much more challenging than years past, not to mention that “sheltering in place” has seemed to create a sort of time vortex unlike anything I have ever witnessed, and with everyone home all the time, the never ending dirty dishes and laundry seem to dull the cognitive notion of days passing. All this to say, I cannot believe that it is already Memorial Day! This holiday is a beautiful day in which we are encouraged to take time to honor the brave men and women who have sacrificed their own freedoms and boldly fought so that we can remain safe and comfortable within our daily lives. In light of the rapid spread of this virus, it’s impossible not to see the parallel between these courageous soldiers and the dedicated and valiant health professionals that have fought tirelessly in an effort to keep us safe. I think it is important that we take the time to stop and really reflect upon the incredible sacrifices that have been made and continue to be made for us as a people. This season, although difficult in many ways, will hopefully remind us of all the wonderful people and things in our lives and help us to truly appreciate the privileges and freedoms we encounter every day. Additionally, this holiday is about family. Whether it is biological or hand-selected, family is what keeps us going and makes us resilient. I know it has been hard being separated for so long, and as the world “opens back up” it may be a little longer still.  So try to remember that even if the parks remain closed and the watermelon slices are shared virtually, we will get through it together, with our families, like we always have. 

And lastly, while it's true that Memorial Day is thought of as a “sale holiday” (and if I’m being honest we have a few great options for you too) instead of getting totally consumed with all of the savings that surround this day, let’s be better at communicating our respect for those who have gone before us, let’s be mindful towards the families who are hurting, and let’s be more united as a people while we all do our best to get completely through this heavy time. 

From us at Bath1, THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of the heroes! To those who have sacrificed everything for us, we appreciate you and we hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!