How small upgrades to your bathroom can make a huge difference


How small upgrades to your bathroom can make a huge difference

Posted by Lindsay ,May 5th 2020
How small upgrades to your bathroom can make a huge difference

Another week down, how are you doing? Have you washed your hands yet this hour? After almost two months of quarantining, I am certainly ready for a change of scenery, but with nowhere to go, I find myself just changing small things around my house. From rearranging rooms or re-organizing cabinets, to clearing out clutter and using up old paint on DIY projects. So far, having a never-ending project to “finish up” has been helpful in keeping the days straight. Even with the constant cleaning, I have noticed a handful of things around the house that I can’t clean anymore, but instead simply need to be replaced. I thought I would share my list here, as maybe these will be things that have been overlooked for too long at your house as well. I really paid attention to the bathroom since I’ve been cleaning it multiple times a day lately. I looked at the small and inexpensive upgrades I could make, both out of necessity and just overall appeal for the space. There’s nothing wrong with coming out of quarantine a little bit better, right? Assuming you’re like me (in that your whole bathroom is ready for a re-do), it’s easy to get quickly overwhelmed. If you simply focus on the few small things you can easily change, I think it will help you feel better about the space. Here is a quick list of small bathroom features you could easily replace.

  • New Bathroom Faucets
    You have got some options here, from the bathroom sink faucet, the bathtub and shower faucet, the shower head, and if you have (or want) a freestanding bathtub faucet. Changing out the faucet is such a simple way to make your room feel all around better. Even if you can’t upgrade the entire vanity, a new sink faucet can help revive a dull space. Additionally, if you decide you want to replace the shower faucet and shower head, selecting a group of products from the same brand and collection line can make your bathroom look high-end and put-together. Swapping out faucets is not a very expensive nor labor-intensive project. The most difficult part will likely be deciding on what style you want and thankfully Bath1 offers the most popular brands with a wide variety of faucet styles, finishes, and installation types.
  • New Bathroom Accessories
    This may seem like a no-brainer, but one of the most overlooked areas of improvement for any space is the way it is accessorized. Updating hardware and decor is so cheap and simple and it goes a long way! A quick list of accessories you could swap out include: towel bars/rings/racks, robe hooks, toilet paper holders, the toilet seat, toilet brush holder, trash can, shower curtain rods and hooks, toothbrush holders, soap and lotion dispensers, vanity pulls or knobs, the mirror, the bathroom linens, etc. Updating one or all of these “small” items in your bathroom can enhance the way you feel in the space, in addition to replacing an old bacteria-prone accessory with a brand new one.
  • New Mirror
    I know I mentioned the mirror in the accessories section but I have to talk about Transolid LED-Backlit Mirrors.
    They are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes and are equipped with high-efficiency LED white
    lights. They can be wired to a wall switch or you can choose to use the “on/off” touch sensor right on the mirror. Some of the models even feature a 2X magnified section. These mirrors could be used anywhere, they feature a beautiful, uniform lighting that is perfect for your skincare routine, applying makeup, or trimming your mustache.

Upgrading any of these things will help inspire a fresh new atmosphere, and you don’t need to spend a ton of money or have a copious amount of experience.

A weekend renovation project could be staining or painting your existing vanity, replacing the hardware, then installing a new sink faucet. This quick and simple upgrade will make a big statement in your bathroom and offer a new and exciting feature during this stagnant time. A trendy theme is to paint your vanity in a neutral color like white, ebony, or grey. These cool tones are stylish and offer versatility, regardless of the direction your decoration takes. Complementing the neutral vanity with dark black or brushed-gold hardware will create a strong and contemporary finished look. We carry a variety of hardware brands on Bath1, like Berenson, Alno, and Liberty and we're happy to help you find whatever design you have in mind.  Additionally, Transolid offers beautiful accessory kits to match any style, like the fashionable Maddox kits which have a cool and modern matte black finish option.

 Another easy and inexpensive renovation trick if you have floor-to-ceiling tile and an oddly placed towel bar that you can’t remove, is adding a hollow-box shelf and create a neat spot for your plants, art, or candles. This could be the start of a fantastic feature wall just add a pretty mirror, a framed painting or photo, or some greenery and accentuate your style. Lastly, don't overlook the value a fresh coat of paint can have on a room. Not only will it brighten up a dingy space, but a fresh neutral color encourages the idea of cleanliness and hygiene. 

From paint, to faucets, to vanity hardware, there are plenty of cheap and easy ways to implement your style and bring a dated bathroom back to life. As you transition your house to a place that truly feels like home, let us at Bath1 help by offering inspiration and beautiful, competitively-priced products to get your renovation done!