Spring Your Kitchen and Bathroom to Life with Bath1’s Spring Buying Guide!


Spring Your Kitchen and Bathroom to Life with Bath1’s Spring Buying Guide!

Posted by John ,Apr 26th 2022
Spring Your Kitchen and Bathroom to Life with Bath1’s Spring Buying Guide!

At last, it seems winter is finally drawing to a close. In typical Ohio fashion, winter is often quite a dark and dreary affair. This past season was no different. As still and connecting as winter can be, it is easy to ponder at times if the reality of an open window breeze and blue sky ever existed in the first place! There comes a time when the cycle of life begins again and there is a sense of renewal and freshness in the world around you. But sometimes arriving home can be a brutal reminder the drabness of the dull grey season of life you have just left behind. Cast it away by adding some tasteful and elegant updates to your kitchen and bathroom! Match the wonderful scents and vigor of spring with the touches and visuals your bathroom is longing for!

There are a few products we would like to showcase to give your bathroom a breath of fresh air!

Shower doors in particular can make a striking difference to your bathroom:


Transolid  Shower Doors with TruMotion offer the most cutting edge in  shower door design to truly transform your bathroom into an elegant oasis!

With TruMotion, Transolid doors gracefully glide open and close giving you effortless access to your shower! This premium rolling mechanism ensures that you will never slam open, or slam shut your  shower door again. Thick, premium tempered glass is finished with a nano coating which provides superior dirt and stain resistance!


  • Premium 5/16 in (8 mm) tempered clear nano clear coat glass tested and certified to ANSI Z97.1 standard.
  • 304 grade Stainless Steel construction lends to a sturdy, solid, and supremely corrosion resistant design!
  • Many beautiful metal trims and finishes to choose from such as Brushed Nickle, Champaign Bronze, Polished Chrome, and Matte Black among others!
  • Easy access via a walk-through width of 28.4-in and a walkthrough height of 75.6-in. Someone as tall as 6’3 will be able to enter without needing to duck!


MAAX is another manufacturer of similar  shower doors such as their Halo Series above!


  • Glass panels 5/16 in. (8 mm) with a height of 78 3/4 in.
  • Lotus easy clean protection for effortless maintenance
  • Ball bearing roller engineering for smooth and quiet opening each time!

If your shower is corner design, Sterling has a wide variety of options that include:


Corner Shower Doors


  • Like Transolid, these Sterling doors feature their own CleanCoat finish to ensure dirt and stain resistance and repelling water before calcification streaks appear.
  • Manufactured using thick 3/8-in tempered glass and frameless design and finished in anodized aluminum that prevents rust and corrosion
  • Watertight flexible door with magnet and seal and threshold direct water back into the shower to minimizes soap or lint build-up

If you have an alcove with a bathtub, we have a variety of shorter doors to choose from to accommodate your tub or narrower shower opening!

The likes of Sterling Finesse series and MAAX Kameleon series fit this bill perfectly!


Transolid has shorter door options such as those among the Frederick series as well making sure

you won’t need to compromise the quality or type of door you desire because of your setup!

Do you require a door with a pivot or perhaps a narrower door? We have got you covered!


Sterling Finesse Peak

Sterling has a vast array of shower doors to choose from in this category. Out-of-plumb adjustability lends to simpler installation. There is no top header, so clearance doesn’t become a concern. An elegant vertical ladder handle compliments their minimal frame, and all these doors are manufactured with the same quality, craftsmanship, and materials as the larger offerings to seal the deal!

These great shower door choices and many more can be found at our website here:

Did you know that choosing the right shower door can make a difference in the value of your home?

Bathroom renovations are among the most efficient ways to increase your home’s value!

This is why at Bath1 we are passionate and dedicated to providing you with life changing home improvements and tailoring to your needs to ensure the bathroom of your dreams becomes reality!

Please feel free to send us an email at or give us a call at 1-855-404-2284 for assistance! Together, we can help make your house a better place to call home this Spring!