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​Add a New Vanity Top to Revive & Refresh Your Bathroom!


​Add a New Vanity Top to Revive & Refresh Your Bathroom!

Posted by Lindsay ,Feb 11th 2020
​Add a New Vanity Top to Revive & Refresh Your Bathroom!

Adding a new vanity top to your bathroom can revive and refresh your home in more ways than one, and although styles and trends are constantly changing, an elegant, fresh, and happy bathroom will never go out of style.

It’s funny to think about how the ambiance in our homes can set the tone for the way we live. 

Psychologists recommend painting your bedroom blue to encourage peaceful sleep. They say the color helps to lower blood pressure, slow respiration and heart rate, helping you feel calm and relaxed.

I like this theory, and while I’m no psychologist I tend to agree with the adage, “look good, feel good”.

Imagine you wake up, saunter into the bathroom and flip on the yellow bulb lights. You check your reflection in an outdated and dingy bathroom mirror that’s hanging above your too big, and weirdly stained vanity. Behind you, you see a towel bar, permanently fixed to the faded, cream-colored, floor-to- ceiling tile and as you wash your hands, you notice the tarnishing faucet jutting out of the beige sink bowl. Now, do you feel refreshed?

If you're anything like me, when you moved into your new home you knew that the bathroom was in desperate need of an “after” picture. While hosting parties or game nights, your friends and family refer to your bathroom as “quaint” or “charming”, or maybe even “vintage”. And while it’s nice of them to be nice, the truth is that bathrooms are a place to freshen up and it’s time your bathroom felt like it! Vanity tops set the tone for your bathroom, if you’re presenting a clean and organized counter space, chances are the rest of the room follows suit.

 "A clean and organized counter space", let's get real, no one wants to spend their precious weekend time wearing rubber gloves and yielding bleach water, but it sometimes feels necessary to combat bacteria, right? Keeping your bathroom hygienic doesn't have to be overwhelming. Vitreous china, which is what most toilets are made of (and vanity tops too) is non-porous, meaning there are no tiny holes for bacteria to creep into; because of this it's super easy to clean, just a quick wipe down and you can be sure that the germs are gone! Porous surfaces, like marble or granite, can be sealed, but they are naturally higher maintenance-and they look like it!

We are alive in a time where presenting our personal style is more popular than it has ever been. We are encouraged to be uniquely ourselves at every turn. So why not let that transition into your home as well? The time you spend in the bathroom is often spent alone, a long bath after a hard day, convincing yourself that it isn't a grey hair you just found on your head, or practicing your self affirmations in the mirror- you want to be comfortable. Personal style is a big part of that, and with the nearly limitless options for customizing your bathroom the possibilities are endless.

So what does your current vanity top say about the rest of your bathroom? Is it a reflection of your style? Is it working for your daily needs? Probably the best way to decide what vanity top will work best for you is to first get to know what’s available, but keep in mind while looking for inspiration on social media that there are more factors to consider than just beautifully lit editorial photos. Here at Bath1, we have surface materials in a range of colors, textures, and standards of durability, with a wide selection of products and an abundantly helpful customer service department we can help you design in a way that will be both beautiful and beneficial for your everyday life.

Let's jump into popular vanity top options and find out what will be the best selection for you! 


Granite is a very popular option because it is a genuine natural material. It’s quarried from the ground and it is available in a range of stone colors. Granite is heat resistant, scratch resistant, and resistant to chemicals. Something to note, granite is a porous substance, so it must be sealed. While most fabricators will apply a sealer before installation, it will need reapplied every year, and exposure to heavy chemicals may wear down sealer prematurely. Thankfully, reapplying the sealer is simple enough that homeowners can do this on their own to cut down on maintenance cost. 
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Quartz is an engineered material made of crushed stones and plastic resin. Quartz is non-porous and therefore more durable than granite; and although it isn’t as resistant to heat, it is resistant to stains and to bacteria. Additionally, the available color options are more diverse than natural stone. Also, quartz is produced from the “waste” or leftovers of other projects, it is highly sustainable, and recyclable, thus making it a great option for people interested in maintaining a “green” lifestyle.
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Marble is one of the most beautiful and elegant choices for vanity tops. Marble’s distinctive veining and colors are unique to each slab, which makes your new bathroom completely one-of-a-kind. Marble is like granite, in that marble is also a natural stone material quarried from the ground, it is porous, and while the composition of granite is naturally harder, marble is also plenty durable. When choosing marble, it’s important to consider that because of its porous nature, it is high-maintenance and more susceptible to water damage, stains, and scratches.
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Cultured marble

With marble in the name, you would assume that cultured marble is another natural stone material, but that is not the case. “Cultured marble” is the product created when ground stone particles and liquid polyester resins are blended, then poured into a mold to cure and create a specific item. Because of the nature of its production, cultured marble can be completely customized. Additionally, cultured marble surfaces are non-porous, and therefore easy to clean, durable and have a lastingness about them. Due to the manner in which they are manufactured, they come in a wide range of colors and “patterns”. Keep in mind, however, that cultured marble does not respond well to heat and can become damaged if exposed.
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Solid Surface.

Solid surface is another man-made material, very similar in production to cultured marble, solid surface products are an equally great, if not better choice for your next vanity top. Solid surface vanity tops are constructed by blending stone particles, minerals, and fillers with liquid polyester or acrylic resins and pouring the mixture into a mold. Once cured, the surface can be cut or manipulated to fit any customized order. Solid surfaces are also non-porous and have about the same durability and the same sensitivity to heat as cultured marble. The biggest difference is that, unlike cultured marble, solid surfaces can be sanded and refinished to remove imperfections. With a vast assortment of styles, patterns and colors, solid surface vanity tops will complement any space.
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Vitreous China

Vitreous China refers to the enamel coating on a ceramic material. When intense heat is added to powdered glass it forms a liquid called vitreous enamel. This enamel strengthens and adds shine to any material it coats, like porcelain. Porcelain on its own is very durable, non-porous, and beautiful. The addition of the vitreous enamel creates an alluring, lustrous, vanity top, that is resistant to scratches, stains, and bacteria. Vitreous China makes for an excellent surface and would make a great replacement for your cultured marble vanity top!
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At the end of the day, the best choice is the one that works best for you. 
Everyone has a different style and set of priorities, and there no such thing as a wrong answer,
so design in a way that will be beneficial and beautiful to you.

Thank you so much for reading, please feel free to reach out with any questions or comments! 
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